Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Province must enforce law

Earlier this week, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Albert Clearwater struck down a section of Manitoba's province-wide smoking ban that exempted Indian reserves. The ruling is a victory for equality.

Since Justice Clearwater's ruling, some native leaders are fuming mad calling the ruling stupid and clearly wrong.

In October 2004, the smoking ban under the Non-Smokers Health Protection Act took effect. But the piece of legislation exempted lands reserved for Indians. Meaning, native owned businesses operating on native reserves did not have to comply with the provincial legislation.

You can read the CTFs response to the ruling here.


R.S. Porter said...

It's only a "victory for equality" in the sense that it now oppresses everyone equally. The CTF should be doing more to fight the law, not just making sure it's equally spread across the province.

brianc said...

Wow. The only time I have ever agreed with r.s. porter. Now if my union would just get on board I could have a smoke without standing in middle of the road.

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