Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One Pricey Move

Moving the 'Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness' offices has cost taxpayers $24-million.

But don't worry folks - nothing wrong here:

"It is normal practice in the federal government to get everyone under the same roof."

-Spokesperson for Public Works

Perhaps when the House resumes sitting in the fall, the minister, er, I mean the parliamentary secretary can further justify this expense.

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TimR said...

Moving government offices around has become a floating crap game. If it was so important to have all these employees under one roof, why didn't they do that to begin with?

Meanwhile $24 million just to move their offices within the same city?

I notice the article also mentions part of the cost of the move includes "consulting fees." They can't even move people around without consultants being involved.

Although not mentioned, I'd be willing to bet that a large part of this $24 million is to buy new furnishings and computer equipment. The old stuff just won't do for the shiny new digs.

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