Friday, August 18, 2006

NB Liberals want to cut gas taxes

Specifically, the New Brunswick Liberals have pledge to stop the regulation of gas and replace it with a reduction in gas taxes.

Liberal leader Shawn Graham stated if elected on September 18th he would reduce the provincial gas tax by 4 cents a litre.

Seems the NB Liberals understand the free market. Only time will tell.


Alberta Conservative said...

Gas price regulation is yet another example of the failure of government intervention in business.

After recently traveling throughout Nova Scotia and casually talking to several retailers I made several observations:

- gas stations are generally quite run down since retailers don't make a decent margin on gasoline sales and can't afford to reinvest capital to upgrade facilities

- rural stations generally pay a higher wholesale price for gasoline due to higher transportation costs

- consumers will wait until previously announced price decreases are put in place before buying gasoline thereby further squeezing retailers.

- most surprisingly, gas stations forced to sell at prices below their wholesale cost will often place signs indicating such things as ‘out of gas’ or ‘out of order’ even though they aren’t.

SouthernTory said...

Shawn Graham won't lower taxes. liberal governments are tax and spend governments.

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