Monday, August 28, 2006

Milgaard Inquiry

I just did an interview with CTV on the Milgaard Inquiry. The Inquiry is now forecast to cost at least $10 million -- which is a far cry from the original budget of $2 million. I'm not going to second guess the value of the Inquiry, but there is something seriously wrong here.

Is it a waste of money? Is there a problem with the inquiry process that needs to be looked at so we can tighten them up in the future? Are the lawyers running up the tab here? If so, what can be done about that?


Soulfood said...

Yeah, when I heard it was costing $10m, I thought it was a little excessive. I just don't get what they're spending THAT much money on. Are they eating caviar for lunch every day??

I would just like to see a summary of excctly what this money is being spent on. I think the worst part of having a government waste the taxpayers money is not knowing what it's being wasted on.

John Murney said...

I'm with Soulfood and you on this one, David. $10-million dollars is a bit excessive.
Unfortunately, there was a great injustice done to the Milgaard family, and the family of Gail Miller. If this Inquiry can get to the truth of this matter, perhaps the expense of this case will become an investment.

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