Monday, August 28, 2006

McGuinty Swimming in Tax Dollars

Dalton McGuinty can quit talking about the "fiscal imbalance," and how it leaves Ontario shortchanged.

High Taxes. Rampant spending, and now finally, balanced books.

No shortage of cash here. The only people short of cash are Ontario taxpayers.

As McGuinty and Sorbara have shown consistently - the more money they have - the more they'll spend.

The answer? Give them less in the first place.

Read the CTF's news release here.


David MacLean said...

I rank the the fiscal imbalance right up there with the Y2K bug. We have our own complainers here in Saskatchewan.

Alberta Conservative said...

If Ontario applies their surplus to their provincial debt and does the same every year after that they'll be debt free in just under 500 years. Maybe they should think about financial prudence at some point.

John Murney said...

Alberta Conservative beat me to the much progress is Ontario making in its debt reduction?

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