Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hop on the Saskatchewan way-back machine

It was the April, 2006 and the number one box office movie was RV starring Robin Williams. The Saskatchewan government had just tabled the largest budget in the province's history. The province announced a $1.5 million dollar handout to World Wide Pork in Moose Jaw and converted the debt owed by the pork plant to taxpayers into equity. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation were the only people in the province to criticize this corporate welfare. We argued that if the pork plant's business plan was so solid it wouldn't need an 11th hour government bailout. Ah, those were the days.

Tomorrow World Wide Pork will once again close its doors. Read about it in tommorrow's papers.

UPDATE: Agriculture Minister Mark Wartman to the Leader Post on June 8, 2006.

Agriculture Minister Mark Wartman, whose government stepped in a month ago with funding, said the commitment to restructure was incredible.

“I’m thrilled that this plant is up and running again in this next week,” he said. “Make no mistake, the investment here is well worthwhile.”

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Spakosky said...

Wartman meant that the investment was worthwhile in terms of NDP partisan interests only, given that this was in Moose Jaw, not in terms of the best interests of SK taxpayers: so technically, he was correct, and we should lay off.

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