Monday, August 21, 2006

The crazy rants of Michael Ignatieff

What a card! That iggy cracks me up! mean he's serious?


Alberta Conservative said...

Funny Mr. Ignatieff's proposal didn't include a cost.

Maybe his next idea will be to propose a moon base for weary space travelers which of course is also feasible if one completely ignores the cost.

John Murney said...

Any research done on climate change should include opportunity costs, which include financial costs.

drpantsoff said...

i have an about instead of carbon credits, we buy carbonite credits. then we can trap these itinerant emissions in suspended animation and bring them to suzuki the hutt for rainbow warrior justice

Money Bags4Me said...

Yup we don't have much of it yet we know where more of it is located than at any other time in history.

What's the old saying, "we've been running out of gas since my grandfathers days".

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