Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Book Review: The War on Fun

Slightly off topic, but nonetheless worthy of a blog post.

While away camping this past weekend, I had the pleasure of reading Ezra Levant's "The War on Fun".

It is a short read (142 pages), but it is jam-packed with tales of how the "anti's" - those people who want to see all adults treated like children - fresh off their win against "big tobacco" are now setting their sights on "big food" (McDonalds), "Detroit" (SUV's), and "big beer" (Miller, et al).

Rather than allowing individuals to make consumer choices for themselves, these busybodies are trying to have governments and juries make the decisions for us.

It also discusses how individuals are being made to feel like victims for their own bad choices (eg. you didn't want to eat those three Big Mac's, but McDonalds brainwashed you to do it).

Of course, Mr. Levant puts it much more eloquently in his book.

It's chock full of interesting stats, shocking tales and some scary hidden truths.

Anyone worried about losing their right to choose should pick it up, it's a great read.


VanderHum said...

Unfortunately, Mr. Levant, with typical conservative hypocrisy, completely undermines his argument by supporting the nanny-state, big government, busybody War on Some Drugs.

VanderHum said...

In fact, the more I think about it, the war on fun is usually conducted by those of Levant's political ilk, unless there is there is a corporate vested interest, such as big tobacco, big alcohol and the pharmaceutical industry.

Scott Hennig said...

Not sure if you've read the book. I don't recall reading anything in this book about drugs (supportive or not)

VanderHum said...

No I haven't read the book but I have heard Mr. Levant's hawkish opinions on the matter. So he talks a good game, like most conservatives, but he (they) don't really believe in an individual's right to choose.

The Snow Plow said...

I would love to hear Levant on national talk radio. Canada needs a few Dennis Pragers, Michael Medveds, Rush Limbaughs, G.Gordon Liddys.

David, I think you would be great as well!

Scott Hennig said...

If your concern is that he's not libertarian enough for your liking...ok you're entitled to that opinion.

But if you're concerned with nanny-state governments taking away your freedoms, I'd still urge you to read his book.

(ironically my word verification for this post is "cigzs")

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