Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Archives soon to be just memories?

The Toronto Star has reported that the Ontario Archives are declining in value by $36 000 a day while it sits in a "mould-infested firetrap". So why not find a new home for them you ask? Well the previous government did but in 2004 when the Liberals came into power, Premier McGuinty squashed the deal. Boy is he regretting that!

It looks like there aren't too many suitors lining up. The only bid left on the table is from York University. Unfortunately, if accepted, the bid will cost Ontario Taxpayers $3 million more a year than the deal McGuinty killed in 04.

Even if they wanted to sign the deal with York University and get the Archives into greener pastures they couldn’t. Bud Perves, the president of the York University Development Corp also sits on the board of the Ontario Realty Corp., the organization in charge of the bidding process. The conflict of interest has left the Government scrambling for new bids.

At the rate the McGuinty Government are moving they may be in the collection themselves before a new home is found.

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Anglo-Canadian said...

Maybe these Archives aren't so important after all. If the "public" wants them so badly, they'd ante up the endowment for them naturally.

Now, since nobody wants the Archives, the state will use its coercive powers to make us all buy them.

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