Thursday, July 20, 2006

School Vouchers

Choice for students and parents is the main idea behind school vouchers. Recently, congressional republicans introduced a bill to provide $100-million for school vouchers.

  • Under the new legislation, the vouchers would mainly go to students in poor schools that have failed to meet their progress goals for at least five straight years. Parents could get $4,000 per year to put toward private-school tuition or a public school outside their local district. They could also seek up to $3,000 per year for extra tutoring.

The voucher system should be tried in Canada too.


R.S. Porter said...

What should really happen is the abolition of state funded education.

Sophie said...

Yes it should be tried here. I am not so worried about the quality of education, I will be seeing to it that my children are well educated, its the left wing indoctrination they have to go through. Why should a select group of people that go out of their way to be unaccountable to the people their service affects most, and who pay their wages, have a monopoly on the education of my child?

CSSage said...


here is a link to a real long but good solution to the wasted tax dollars going to Canadian Education.

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