Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Newsflash: health care wait times hurting people!

Al expresses his amazement at what makes front page news these days. Here come the cries that the health care system has been "starved" funding by [insert one of the following demons: Ralph Klein, Stephen Harper, Grant Devine, Gary Filmon, or Mike Harris; but do NOT include Glen Clark, Roy Romanow, Gary Doer, Mike Harcourt, David Peterson or Bob Rae].

I am continually amazed by the apparent lack of perception on the part of the MSNM (mainstream news media) and its resistance to reporting the facts.. The headlines in Friday’s Calgary Herald read “Medic crunch raises alarms”. The article goes on to discuss some concerns on the part of aldermen and women of the city of Calgary pertaining to the fact that, on at least six occasions this year, no ambulances were available in the city of Calgary for emergencies. In Edmonton, this situation arose 18 times this year in the month of June alone! But “crunches” in health care should no longer be front page news; healthcare usurping all other public funding, should be.

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