Tuesday, July 04, 2006

MPs using meal allowances to pay for mortgages

Well, not only to MPs make absurd salaries, but they can use their $75 per diem to play around in the Ottawa real estate market.


The secret board of MPs that manages internal House of Commons affairs is allowing MPs who own a house or condo in Ottawa as their second home to pay down
their mortgages with a $75 per diem intended for meals, the Citizen has learned.

The per diem is in addition to a $25 daily accommodation allowance MPs receive year-round if they own a second house or condominium in the capital, and using it to buy a home is allowed despite a rule forbidding mortgage payments from a separate $24,000 expense allowance.

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Josef said...

Conseervative MP Garth Turner's thoughts are HERE and HERE is his press release calling for an end.

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