Friday, July 28, 2006

The Liberals seem to understand

Regulating gas prices doesn't lead to lower prices.

The Nova Scotia Liberals seem to understand that this won't work, why doesn't the government?

Granted, it does create consistent prices -- consistently high prices.

It's time to end this poorly thought-out plan and de-regulate gasoline in Atlantic Canada.

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leftdog said...

Gasoline supplies in Nova Scotia are mostly controlled by the monoply holdings of Irving Oil. They have successfully driven almost all other competetion out of the market. Irving is typical of what happens when so called 'free markets' are not regulated. The capital ALL moves to the peak of the econmic pyramid and those (like Joe and Mary Sixpack) sit at the bottom of the pyramid and pay totally unreasonable prices while Irving sits at the top and counts its $Buzzillions in profits. This always happens in the free market model and it requires regulation to take some of the money from the top of the pyramid (by way of taxation policy) and return it to a lower level on the pyramid.
What has complicated ALL of this is that President George Bush (don't forget - he is an Oil business man who wanted the price of oil to rise so he could maximize profits) has used his political position to create political instability in the Middle East, thereby further maximizing the profitability of the oil business.
Unfortunately, this is all further made worse by certain 'non-profit associations' who are the mouth pieces for this totally unrestricted gouging of average consumers.

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