Friday, July 07, 2006

Conservatives more frugal

The money saved isn't as important as the attitude change. You have to give credit where credit is due.

The rookie Conservative government has reined in wining and dining on the public dime, with some cabinet ministers opting for working lunches in Parliament Hill boardrooms instead of fancy restaurants.

Lists of hospitality claims, publicly disclosed on the Web, show most senior staffers and ministers are frugal when billing taxpayers for meals. Some cabinet ministers -- including Heritage Minister Bev Oda, Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor and Environment Minister Rona Ambrose -- have not claimed expenses for a single meal since they took office in February.


Josef said...


Farmer Joe said...

Good to see. They're probably getting way more work done as a result of this as well.

Robert McClelland said...

Considering they just blew 17 billion on new military toys they damn well better brown bag their lunches.

Of course, their nickel and dime savings on meals is being wasted on this ridiculous nonsense.

Every new federal civil servant from coast to coast is being sent to Ottawa on a two-day, all-expenses paid trip to give them a "big picture" understanding of how government works.

The trip is mandatory for all new employees as well as anyone contracted to the federal government for more than six months -- everyone from mailroom clerks and agricultural ministry workers to new Mounties.

The first trips are scheduled to start in three weeks, organized under a government branch called the Canada School of Public Service.

Known as the Orientation to the Public Service, the program went into effect in May, but will retroactively include those hired since the beginning of this year.

Chad Moats said...

Robert, David owes you a finders fee as he got significant airtime on a local news radio station today with this one.

David MacLean said...

Chad, the story was broken by the Vancouver guessed it....the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Yer welcome!

Farmer Joe said...

So then I guess Robert owes David a finders fee.

I'm sure he can find a grant some where to cover it. (grin)

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