Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another day, another roadblock

And, as usual, it's about money. Earlier today a band member said the highway that runs through the reserve is indian property. Therefore, they can shut it down whenever they want.

He said the band would have to provide a detailed financial audit and a plan for the future to regain financial control. It has failed to provide the department with a consolidated audit report for its 2004-2005 fiscal year.

"We have impose third-party management when we've lost confidence in the first nation's ability to manage that debt," Sutter said.

"It's very basic what we're asking from the first nation. And we're willing to work jointly with them to help them take the next steps," he said, adding the band has been unwilling to co-operate with the department.

Cappo said he has no intention of backing down. "We want out of third- party management. I don't care what type of conditions or criteria they put forward. That's not an issue."

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