Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tories Gut Accountability Act

When the Accountability Act was first introduced in the House this spring, it would have grant the the auditor-general the ability to audit the financial statements of native bands.

The CTF praised this move, since as it stands today roughly 80 percent of the Department of Indian Affairs budget is transferred directory to native bands and the auditor-general has no authority to audit how and where the money was spent.

That is why the CTF is now appalled that the Tories would gut the Accountability Act and remove this important clause.

Read more of the story from the Globe and Mail here

The CTFs response here.


David MacLean said...

Just when it looked like progress was being made. Sigh.

darcey said...

maybe if they had a majority

Robert McClelland said...

Aboriginals should have their own auditor general to provide accountability to their population.

deaner said...

"Aboriginals should have their own auditor general..."

Not when it is my money they are dealing with, Robbo. It is incumbent on the governmnet spending the money that they understand where it is going and whether it is effective. It is also necessary to ensure that various levels of governemnt fulfill their obligations to the Aboriginal people; I know you want to see them do that, don't you - or is it more important to keep the Chiefs happy and the general Aboriginal population stupid, impoverished, and docile?

Money Bags4Me said...

The question answers itself.

Robert McClelland said...

Not when it is my money they are dealing with

The problem is that it's not just your money they're dealing with. Casino money is not taxpayer money but that too needs to be made accountable to Aboriginals. Therefore it makes more sense for this to be dealt with by Aboriginals.

deaner said...

I've addressed this elsewhere, but government's willingness to tolerate activities that are otherwise illegal in order to provide financial assistance to a specified group is just as much of a government investment in that group as a direct payment. Accordingly, it still is my money, or that of my fellow non-native taxpayers. Since we already have a structure set up to ensure that my money is properly and effectively spent, we should just use that system to follow the casino money as well.

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