Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This common sense brought to you by the CTF

Edmonton Sun:

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation believes it has hit on a fair way to adjust the salaries of provincial court judges.

The CTF says the salaries should be linked to Statistics Canada's average weekly Alberta earnings - the same as provincial MLAs and city council members in Edmonton and Calgary. Scott Hennig, CTF's Alberta director, made the suggestion yesterday in a letter to the Judicial Compensation Commission.

"Using an impartial third-party number that accurately reflects the change in the taxpayers' ability to pay is in our opinion the most fair way to adjust judicial compensation," he wrote.

[But this is definitely the best part]

NDP MLA Ray Martin said it seems like a good idea.

"It's not often I agree with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, but on the surface it would be a better system to pay them the way MLAs are paid."

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