Friday, June 16, 2006

Sask: Well, isn't this just great

Draw your own conclusions. Leader Post:

WEYBURN -- Just days before a byelection vote in the Weyburn-Big Muddy constituency, the NDP government has struck a major deal with the City of Weyburn to determine the future of the old provincial mental hospital.

The province will give to the city the title and liability to the vacant Souris Valley Extended Care Centre to allow it to better market the facility to potential new users.

The government has also agreed to give at least $4.5 million to the city.

The money is to help cover the costs of demolition if a new user for the facility isn't found but Weyburn still gets to keep the money if it reaches an agreement with a tenant.

At the announcement of the deal at Weyburn city hall Thursday, Mayor
Don Schlosser and NDP Deputy Premier Clay Serby both praised the NDP candidate, Southeast Regional College president Graham Mickleborough for serving as a middle man to bring the two sides together.


Robert McClelland said...

Draw your own conclusions.

Okay, my conclusions are that the CTFers have become a pack of nutters who see conspiracies under every rock and behind every tree.

This is the second time I've seen you accuse the NDP of trying to buy a victory in this unwinable by-election.

This deal will have zero impact on voter's intentions because it simply isn't something they'll care about even in the off chance that it breaches into their consciousness over the last few days before they go to the polls.

You'd have been far better off questioning why the city will get to keep $4.5 million even if it doesn't require it to demolish the building. That at least would have been a legitimate cause for concern.

David MacLean said...

Where are you from again, robert?

Spakosky said...

Hey Robert, remember the fictional ethonal plant that cost taxpayers of Sk over 1 million right beofre the last provincial election? Remeber Calvert on the loader for the "grand anouncement"? remember how it was all pre-election bs, the NDP using taxpayers money for it's partisan purposes. disgusting. damn solcialists using other peoples money to fund their faux-sympathy grip on power.

David MacLean said...

Robert won't remember that because he lives in Ontario -- always has, top my knowledge.

In fairness, using tax dollars to influence elections is not exclusive to the NDP.

Yeah Alberta, I'm looking at you.

leftdog said...

spakosky - you ask about the 'failed' ethanol deal and I compliment you for the way in which you pretend that you are outraged. Duh - within weeks of the announced ethanol plant, a cow with 'Mad Cow' disease from Saskatchewan UPSET the entire Canadian Beef market. One of the key componets to a successful ethanol plant is the ability to attach feedlot operations to the plant in order to utilize the feed grain 'waste product' after ethanol extraction. When BSE hit, half of the logistical reason for the plant fell out of the deal. Be honest here. Don't pretend that this element did not occur. The BSE situation WRECKED the Canadian beef market AND the proposed ethanol deal. The original ethanol plant COULD NOT be profitable without the feedlot component. I abhor your dishonest communication strategy (which is SO typical of the extreme right wing), because it LACKS HONESTY!

Robert McClelland said...

In fairness, using tax dollars to influence elections is not exclusive to the NDP.

No it isn't David, and I'm not suggesting the Sask NDP is above that sort of thing. What I'm saying is this isn't an example of it and all you're doing is crying wolf.

David MacLean said...

Well Robert, everyone that actually lives in Saskatchewan see it for what it is -- even many, many NDP supporters.

Come out Sask and I'll show you around this summer. You can meet the good folks in Weyburn.

Robert McClelland said...

So lets recap. My argument on why it's not an attempt to buy a victory in the by-election:

1) It's a meaningless election because;
a) it doesn't impact on the balance of power.
b) the outcome is almost guaranteed to maintain the status quo.
c) it only wins the seat for about a year since the province will likely hold a general election late next year.

2) It's not a spending initiative that will sway voter intentions.

Now for the standard CTF argument from David.

1) It is cuz I say it is.

Spakosky said...

Leftdog, those that will use public money for private (socialist) propaganda will also LIE. Mad cow hit in May of 2003. It was mid-june when Calvert the Clown made the Broe announcement.

David MacLean said...

The ethanol deal fell through because the private partner walked away -- their reasons are their own, but I'm sure the Spudco fiasco didn't help.

The BSE crisis didn't slow cattle production down much. Prices dropped, but demand for feed stayed the same.

David MacLean said...

No election in Saskatchewan is meaningless.

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