Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sask: Reform MLA salaries

Submission to the Saskatchewan MLA Indemnity Review Committee.

News release.


leftdog said...

Although many of my contributions on this site are somewhat confrontational, I would like to ask a question of you concerning your submission.

I have recently learned that no MLA's in Canada are allowed to take part in the Employment Insurance plan because Revenue Canada does not consider them to be 'employees'. Hence most provinces have some kind of a transition allowance to bridge them for a couple (or a few) months into some other type of work because EI benefits are not possible. Do you think that they should be allowed to contribute to EI and upon defeat apply for and be covered by the regular rules of the EI Commission?

David MacLean said...

If you lose an election, we believe you are terminated with cause. If you are terminated with cause, you can't access EI. If you retire in the private sector, you do NOT receive severance and you don't receive EI. Likewise if you just up and quit, you do not receive severance or EI.

There is actually no circumstance under which MLAs would qualify for EI.

They don't get laid off -- they get fired, they quit, or they retire.

leftdog said...

So when Saskatchewan's Grant Devine Conservative adminstration was defeated and defeated MLA's were all allowed by that administration to take their computers and office furniture with them when they left, you would be opposed to that type of practice?

David MacLean said...

Yes we were. Grant Devine helped get this organization started (inadvertantly, of course).

leftdog said...

My biggest concern is that if MLA's do not receive adequate remuneration there is always the possibility that only RICH persons will run for elected office and then average folks like you and I will not be faily represented.

David MacLean said...

MLA salaries rank in the top 9 per cent of wages in teh province. That means 91 per cent of us would get a raise if we ran for office. In New Hamshire, State Reps are paid $500 per year -- they are expected to have jobs.

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