Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No end in sight

With approximately 800 outstanding native land claims, with an average resolution time of 9 years, it seems there is no end in-sight to end native land claim disputes.

It is time for a new system. As it stands today there is little incentive to settle land claims. Deadlines must be established in the process. If a negotiated settlement is not reached within the deadlines, then the federal government should impose a settlement.


Farmer Joe said...

Sounds good to me, the sooner the better.

John Murney said...

Isn't justice more important that arbitrary deadlines?

Farmer Joe said...

Without a deadline there will be no justice. At some point you have to slay the dragon.

saga said...

that's so funny!
"the federal government should just impose a settlement!"
hahaha ...

If the federal government would even PROPOSE a settlement, it would be a great improvement!
It is the government that DELAYS settlements.

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