Thursday, June 22, 2006

MLAs and councillors

First, there's the City of Edmonton council salary boondoggle (see Scott's post below), then there's this whining from a Saskatchewan MLA:

"When MLAs are elected and move into elected life, they give up employment. It's a very high-risk job; you have a four-year cycle, you're not eligible for unemployment allowances when you leave.

The political climate in Saskatchewan being what it is, it may not be easy for an individual to move back into a job of equivalent value very quickly." Yates said while Wakabayashi cannot make recommendations on areas such as the transition allowance or per diems, he can consider their impact on MLA pay as a whole.
You tell me: Has it ever been a bad career move to become an MLA? (Successful lawyers, doctors and Shipping magnates aside)

So, let's say we agree with Yates that is really tough to get a job after you are an MLA, and that losing an election is not termination with cause. Let's give them the severance ONLY when they are defeated and not when they just up and quit (Bakken) or retire (Crawford, Prebble).

Then there's Alberta Cabinet Ministers and their staffers flying all over the place this summer.
The Sun has learned that a host of cabinet ministers are off to Washington, D.C. next week to participate in events at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

The airlift comes on the heels of opposition criticism of flights earlier this month by Premier Ralph Klein and cabinet ministers Greg Melchin, Gene Zwozdesky and Iris Evans to Europe.

Melchin, Alberta's energy minister, is also heading to New York Sunday to participate in an energy investment conference before flying to Washington to hook up again with the premier.

The D.C. trip also includes Agriculture Minister Doug Horner, Advanced Education Minister Denis Herard, Aboriginal Affairs Minister Pearl Calahasen, Community Development Minister Denis Ducharme, Intergovernmental Relations Minister Gary Mar and Finance Minister Shirley McClellan.
Something in the water? One last harah before a new leader?

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