Tuesday, June 13, 2006

London, Ontario: Canada's worst municipal government?

Those of us who read London Fog get the clear impression that the City of London has one of the craziest, most interventionist, sloppiest governments in the country.

The latest scheme is to spend $50,000 to find out how happy everyone is -- in an election year.

"You never really know how people feel, how they perceive our organization, how they see the services we provide and whether they're getting value for their tax dollars," said Jeff Fielding, the city's chief administrative officer.

"So, you can expect some surprises."

City council has approved development of a new customer service strategy. The aim is "to reinforce a public service attitude" with employees and improve service.

Lisa puts it into perspective (and doesn't hold back):
The roads are crumbling, the garbage is piling up, the tax bills are soaring, the guns are a firing and yet the city decides to hire a consulting firm to confirm the obvious. London is run by a bunch of buffoons who care more about hockey, aging rock stars and crumbling relics than they do about delivering essential services. Remember, they aren't investing their own money into the Corporation of the City of London. Unlike legitimate businesses that suffer the consequences of crappy and irresponsible investments, the gang running the show with the plunder can make a quick exit through the backdoor, as usual, leaving the plundered with the debt.


Chad Moats said...

City of Regina does this annually, they call it the Omnibus survey.

R.S. Porter said...

The City of Regina just completed its survey--tonight in fact. Though I'm not sure if it's the Omnibus one Chad is refering to.

BBS said...

I think the City of Ottawa just took it to new heights with their scent-free municipal policy

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