Monday, June 12, 2006

Hypocrisy Watch

Tories double the corporate welfare.

MONTREAL - The Conservative government has spent almost $90 million on Atlantic Canada since taking power more than double what the Liberals spent in the same period last year through a program they once decried as corporate welfare, a CanWest News Service investigation has revealed.


The accusation comes after MacKay was quoted telling Tory supporters at a Nova Scotia election rally May 19 that, once elected, the local Progressive Conservative candidate will have easy access to the agency's funding.

"There is money that the people in Preston are entitled to, and I can tell you he's going to come knocking and we're going to deliver," MacKay said at the rally.

MacKay's comments appear to have undermined the Harper government's pledge to "ensure that regional development agencies are depoliticized," opposition critics charge.

"You say you're taking the politics out of ACOA, but you're giving the impression you're going the other way," Newfoundland Liberal MP Scott Simms said in a recent interview.

CanWest reviewed the funding commitments contained in hundreds of little-noticed news releases on the websites of the ACOA, the economic development agency of Quebec and the Western Economic Diversification program.

All together, Harper's Tories have doled out $196.5 million in the four months since the prime minister swore in his cabinet on Feb. 6.

Forty-five per cent of the funds $88.2 million have gone to Atlantic Canada, while the West has received $62 million and Quebec $46.3 million.


Farmer Joe said...

Will this madness never end?

R.S. Porter said...


leftdog said...

The Consevative party of Canada implemented the GST when they were govenment in the 80's/90's ... I WANT ALL MY MONEY BACK!!!

The Conservative party of Saskatchewan had 16 MLA's convicted of fraud and theft when they were government in the 80'2/90' ... I WANT ALL MY MONEY BACK!!!

Why are Conservative parties so committed to corporate welfare?? Why is every Conservative govenment eventually brought down by their own corruption?

Because when 'money' is the goal itself (and not the means to an end) then corruption reigns supreme.

Thank you posting this thread!

Farmer Joe said...

Actually its when 'welfare' is the primary goal itself that corruption reigns supreme, leftpoodle.

Nice failed attempt at another straw dog.

leftdog said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Farmer Joe said...

Oh, so your one of those liar's who makes his living scaring people into paying, obscene prices for an inferior product that offers no benefits.

Very honorable.

R.S. Porter said...

Oh, so you're an organic farmer now are you? You may not need GRIP, but you could use some grammar.

Besides I'd love to see the world suddenly stop using chemicals or fertilizer. Can the world thank you, personally, for creating more massive starvation? Organic food is immoral and unsustainable.

leftdog said...

'Hypocrisy Watch'... ??? ... huh? What do you do - sit and look at yourself in the mirror??

Farmer Joe said...

It's just one straw dog after another with 'ol leftpoodle on the prowl.

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