Monday, June 19, 2006

Feds set to De-register Gun Registry?

Is the gun registry on its last legs?

Hope so. It is a complete waste of tax dollars and hasn't done a bit of good in reducing gun crime.

Not shocking, considering gun crime is usually committed with stolen or unregistered weapons. Rarely, does one register their gun before committing a crime.

The long gun registry esentially keeps track of duck and deer hunters. Hardly, an effective public safety tool.

Bill C-68 which created this huge boondoggle fired blanks from the start. Let's hope it is finally put down as soon as possible.


Robert McClelland said...

It is a complete waste of tax dollars and hasn't done a bit of good in reducing gun crime.

And you know this how?

The gun registry only costs us $15 million per year (1) now so I'd hardly call that a big waste of money. And since you have no way of knowing if it benefits us or not it betrays the emptiness of your complaint. But one thing is for certain. The police are using it and they know far better than this fraudulent organization what tools are needed for combatting crime.

(1)That's what it should be costing us, but since Harper came to power he's added an additional $10 million to the cost by eliminating user fees and an additional $1.3 million for this. Why don't you frauds gripe about that?

David MacLean said...

Nice logic. The onus is on YOU, after a billion dollars is spent, to show us it has helped, and by how much.

And as for the police using it, the gun registry gets accessed any time a cop runs a record check.

The registry is a catastrophic failure.

Robert McClelland said...

Sure, just as soon as you tell me how to measure crimes that haven't been committed. But that's a moot point. A database has no power to prevent crime. The Ministry of Transportation databases (the driver's licence registry and motor vehicle registry) have no power to prevent crimes but you wouldn't argue they should be abandoned, would you? No, because they are required to make the transportation laws work.

It's the same for the gun registry database. It's needed to make the gun control laws work. Without it there's no way for law enforcement officials to determine who is legally entitled own a firearm and who isn't.

By the way, why the dodge on how Harper has added to the cost? If this truly is a money issue shouldn't you be upset with that?

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