Thursday, June 01, 2006

Enough with the bureaucracy

It never seems to change. If there is a problem in Canada, the solution always seems to be; "Let's strike a committee," or my personal favorite "Let's create a new 'decision-making' body".

So no surprise that native leaders in Manitoba are calling for the creation of a "First Nations Education Authority" to come up with solutions to get more native children to graduate from high-school. There is even a call to build and operate more on-reserve schools.

Sure we can do all these things, but as long as the reserve system continues to exist, these temporary measures will do little to improve graduation rates and cost taxpayers millions of dollars more per year.

Why? The current reserve system offers young native Canadians very little opportunity and choice. On many reserves unemployment is high, therefore, many students give up and drop out.

Solution: let's end the reserve system and provide all native Canadians the same opportunities to join the mainstream Canadian economy and society. Perhaps then, Canadians will see the socio-economic statistics improve for native Canadians.

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