Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Edmonton city council not listening to taxpayers

Edmonton City Council has just voted themselves a massive pay raise.

14% for the mayor, 21% for city councillors.

This is in addition to their annual adjustment they receive each year in line with the change in the Average Weekly Earnings of Albertans, which happened to be 5.76% this past year.

Talk about double dipping!

The whole purpose of introducing the annual adjustments was to eliminate the need for interim, arbitrary adjustments.

But what's even worse is that one-third of their salaries and allowances are tax-free. The one-third tax free status was originally intended to act as an "expense allowance".

How does it make sense that you have an expense allowance on your car allowance? IT'S ALREADY AN EXPENSE ALLOWANCE!

But moreover, council voted for this with no public debate. The committee recommending these insane increases ignored the public input they received.

The committee received 12 submissions from the public, only one called for any increase to compensation. The city's "Citizen Action Line" received 52 calls on the issue, only one suggested there be an increase to pay.

We're not alone on this issue; check out the comments on this story

Council held no public hearings on the issue and even denied all requests from the public to address council (including one from the CTF). The report was released to the public on June 15th; it was approved by council on June 20th.

Feel free to express your opinion here...because it looks like they're the only ones listening.

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