Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ed Gibbons to CTF: Bring it on!

Looks like City of Edmonton City Councillor Ed Gibbons doesn't like the fact that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is pointing out that he just voted himself a 21% pay raise.

In fact, he says "Let them bring it on."

Councillor Gibbons also claims that:

Edmontonians knew for months this was being considered, and had plenty of opportunity to do something about it.
He is correct that the five member committee who made the outrageous recommendations, did spend a couple of months figuring out just how they could help city council line their pockets, but Edmontonians had no idea this was coming.

Only 1 of the 52 callers to the City's Citizen Action Centre recommended the Commitee give raises to council.

And only 1 of the 12 submissions to the Committee recommended the Committee give raises to council.

When 98% of callers and 92% of submissions don't suggest the Committee give council a raise, why on earth would Edmontonians expect the Committee to ignore them and recommend massive raises anyway?

Edmontonians had a grand total of five calendar days between the release of the Committee's recommendations and council gleefully voting them in. Included in those five days was a weekend and games 6 and 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I'd hardly call that knowing "for months".

Know someone who lives in Edmonton, tell them to sign our petition asking Council to put this to a plebiscite.

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