Monday, June 26, 2006


As one of their last acts of the legislative session, MP's gave themselves a hefty increase in their expense account budget.

Let's break this down a bit:

Even though MP's make $147,700 - they still increased their meal per diem to $75.40 per day. Not bad.

They also increased their vehicle allowance to 47 cents per kilometre. (I guess the government is concerned with how high gas prices affect politicians)

This confirms it: There are two sets of rules in Canada - one for our politicians and one for everyone else.



Farmer Joe said...

Hey come'on it's hard work ignoring the countries problems while trying to get re-elected.

Not particularly productive, but hey it's that it's hard work that matters.

Josef said...

I would highly recommend you count your blessings, Canada.

We have the same problem of opulant, elitist politicians... running up the national debt in America.

I love my country, but we could learn some from you and very respectfully vice versa.

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