Saturday, June 24, 2006



The report Thursday by the C.D. Howe Institute expresses concerns that the proposed funneling of federal surpluses into the public pension plan opens what could eventually become a two-way pipeline which politicians could use to siphon money out of the fund to pay other bills.

"With the Canada Pension Plan's reserve fund at about $100 billion and growing rapidly, it's time to reassert that CPP funds are for one purpose only to pay benefits to plan participants," the report urges.

It expresses suspicions that faced with demands to hike funding for health care, education and infrastructure, the federal and provincial governments will eventually be tempted to tap into the increasingly rich pension fund.

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Farmer Joe said...

Hey, when your into redistributive economics, and what party today isn't, it's duece's wild.

Anything goes.

Wouldn't surprise me if they used it to build hockey rinks in the middle of nowhere.

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