Monday, June 12, 2006

CBC yanks taxpayer-funded propaganda movie (UPDATED)

Wow. This disaster was subsidized to the hilt. There was a one-shot $600,000 grant from the government to make it happen. It was also produced by the government-owned and money-losing Minds Eye. Then there is the Film Employment Tax Credit, which allows movie companies to write-off their labour costs.

UPDATE: I just heard a Saskatchewan politician on the radio (does it really matter with the current crop who it is?) saying the government doesn't regret spending at least a million bucks on the dud movie. He says the project provided "experience in film making" for Saskatchewanians. Right. The movie was full of lies and was blatantly partisan, but it was just a make-work project. Great!

This is the ultimate indictment. This is CBC, after all.

On Monday, members of the Gardiner family received an e-mail from CBC Television's executive vice-president Richard Stursburg.

He said the CBC hired a historian to assess the way Gardiner was depicted and the conclusion was the the character created for the film does not reflect the historical record.


Farmer Joe said...

Wow, I find it almost impossible to watch the stuff they regularly put on.

This one really must have been a stinker if they pulled it.

R.S. Porter said...

Just like Tommy Douglas himself, the movie was a failure.

The movie should never have been funded and the CBC should be privatized.

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