Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Reason to Abolish or Reform the Senate

Liberal Senators are threatening to delay the passage of Bill C-2, also known as the Accountability Act.

They claim it will hamper their fundraising efforts in the leadup to their leadership convention.

Let's recap:

1. Corruption and scandal drives Liberals from office.
2. Tories elected to clean up and propose legislation to do just that.
3. Liberals don't want to change and attempt to use un-elected Senate to keep
politics as usual.

Between this and accepting $5000 from 11 year olds, these guys could be on the opposition benches for a good while.


Robert McClelland said...

During the Conservative leadership race in `04 the rules were changed and the Conservatives ignored them. Nobody made a stink out of it. Forcing the Liberals to adopt a new set of rules in the middle of their leadership campaign is wrong and the senate is right to delay it. If Harper doesn't like and wants his legislation passed asap, then he should simply allow the Liberals to continue their campaign under the existing rules.

Calicos said...


1. The NDP as per MP Pat Martin supports passing C-2 as is.

2. That's BS the CPC circumvented financing rules in 2004.

3. Leadership convention expenses are excluded from financing rules. Say the per capita cost is $300 per delegate that amount would be exempt from the $995 Liberal attendance fee.

leftdog said...

Abolish the senate. Period. It is a patronage trough for old Tories and old Liberals.

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