Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alberta junket to Smithsonian to cost 150k


EDMONTON -- Alberta's airlift to Washington, D.C. next week is going to cost taxpayers a whopping $147,600.

Premier Ralph Klein and 12 ministers and heads of Tory committees begin heading to the U.S. capital tomorrow to celebrate Alberta at the Smithsonian.

Klein said the cabinet ministers, who will be accompanied by staff, will take part in events during Alberta Week in Washington and attend private meetings with U.S. policy and decision-makers.

"This is an unprecedented opportunity to put Alberta front and centre in the capital city of our largest trading partner," said Klein, who just returned from a $58,000 trip to France and Ukraine.
I know what belongs in the Smithsonian to be preserved for posterity -- Alberta's fiscal conservatism.


Money Bags4Me said...

Leading one to wonder if these kinds of junkets will ever themselves be history.

Albertaviews said...

Well I guess if that is what it costs to have the best economy in North America, its worth it!

Farmer Joe said...

Your a little fuzzy on the concepts of cause and effect there view.

Anglo-Canadian said...

Somebody needs to invent a system where if the public thinks something is in their interest they donate to pay for it, rather than letting the politicians unilaterally raid the treasury. That'd be much better than having politicians tell citizens what's in their best interest.

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