Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Alberta: Dinning speaks (sort of)

This certainly caught my eye. When was the last time you heard a politician talk like this?

For openers, if he becomes the next premier, Jim will put 30% of oil and gas dollars the province receives as royalties into the Heritage Fund, except in boom years, when half of the billions in petrobucks will go to the Fund. He wants the money saved for the future. He wants the income from the Fund to stay in the Fund.

He doesn't want to see bonus bucks blown in good times.

"I'm going to take a tough line on the Heritage Fund. I can't do anything about yesterday. I can do something about tomorrow. We can't be junkies to $60 oil. We have to keep some of the money out of the hands of those who want to spend it, so those resources will be locked in and not spent on today's problems," says Jim, pledging "a clear, purposeful agenda."

"You don't spend lots of money because you've got lots of money. Our rate of spending growth can't be sustained. We're on track to be headed back into red ink."

No mention of tax relief? How about getting rid of the health tax? And why only 30 per cent?

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Alberta Conservative said...

I believe Dinning is putting out his entire policy platform on Friday.

I agree the health tax needs to be eliminated or at the very least reduced. I've discussed this issue with Dinning on the couple of occasions I’ve met him and he seems receptive to the idea.

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