Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Manitoba: MLA takes a nap during Question Period

Queue the whining about how MLAs have such a rigorous schedule (and other hijinx).

Santos, who is the deputy speaker for the government, declined comment yesterday.

The MLA has made headlines for quirky behaviour before.

Last year, he was reprimanded for bringing a paring knife into the house for shredding papers into bits and pieces. House speaker George Hickes confiscated the weapon and issued a stern warning at the time.

Also, while Santos slept yesterday, Liberal MLA Kevin Lamoureux got himself into hot water for name-calling in the chamber.

The feisty Grit was asked to retract his comment after calling the premier's actions "cowardly."

"I would withdraw those comments even though it might be true," said Lamoureux, who believes Doer is acting cowardly for not calling a public inquiry into the Crocus fund fiasco."

Lamoureux was scolded once again by the house leader before finally conceding and withdrawing the comment from the government record.

In the hallway, however, he happily put the comments back on public record.

"(Doer) is a coward. I can't say it inside the chamber because they say it's unparliamentary. But the bottom line is he is being a coward on the Crocus file," said Lamoureux.

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