Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Liberals Cooked the Books on Gun Registry

Read the CTF response here

Read the AG's Report here


Kelly J Gessner said...

What? Only $946 million over ten years? Gary (not very)
Breitkreuz and the Conservatives have been pegging the number as $2 billion plus for quite some time.
"Canadians have no problem with government spending a billion dollars on a program if it delivers results"
The results have been exemplary when compared to the results in agriculture after what? $50-60 billion over the same 10 year period.

Robert McClelland said...

I wonder how much time and taxpayer dollars has been wasted by government employees (ie. MPs) fighting the gun registry?

Adam Taylor said...


The $2-billion figure is costed out to 2012. That is not news.

It was originally supposed to cost $2-million. Only $944-million over-budget, no biggie right?

The duck-hunter registry has had no measureable impact on gun crime - Statistics make this point in spades.

As for your comment against agriculture, what do you eat? You NDP membership card and/or your federal firearms certificate?

Grapefruits and Pomengranates Kelly.

As for you Robert:

When MP's fight against something their constituents oppose it is called "representative democracy." Next, you'll say it is a waste of money for the NDP to oppose our troops in Afghanistan?

Kelly J Gessner said...

It's news to me. What is the rationale for costing this program to 2012, besides getting to use some really big numbers for propaganda purposes?
"What do I eat?"
And this rather inane response justifies the billions in wasteful subsidies exactly how???

Farmer Joe said...

Never mind kelly j (mary jane) gessner.

Ag Subsidies is the only issue she cares about. Every issue for her seems to be related to agriculture.

She has long since qualified herself for 'troll'

It's a good rule of thumb not to feed the trolls.

Kelly J Gessner said...

"When the Liberals first introduced Bill C-68, the federal long gun registry, they said it would cost about $2 million.Today, at a cost of almost $2 Billion-1000 times more than promised- the registry is incomplete......

Date: 2006.03.02
A pending report by Canada's auditor general is expected to put a price tag of well over $2 billion on the national gun registry program, according to a spokesman for a government MP.
" That's what we've heard -well over $2 billion, maybe closer to $3 billion," said Dennis Young, a researcher in Conservative MP and former Opposition registry critic, Garry Brietkreuz.

Kelly J Gessner said...

For some reason the link never made it in it's entirety.



Or just go to cowboys for social responsibility.
Point is,Adam, you are in error, to put it mildly.

leftdog said...

Canadians have spent $4.1 Billion on our Afghanistan mission so far:

I trust we will see you 'defending' taxpayers in the very near future on that particular expenditure.

Adam Taylor said...

You probably won't, Left Dog.

In fact, defending our borders and our way of life is one role we do believe the state should play and you'd hate to nickle and dime those defending our freedom right?

Thought so.

Defining a suitable role for government is something the CTF has long been clear on.

Kelly J Gessner said...

Adam, you're back. What, no explanation for why you and the Conservatives cooked the books on the cost of the gun registry?

Adam Taylor said...

Hi Kelly,

I already said - the figures were costed out over a number of years - that is not news (except maybe to you).

Multi-year costing is not book-cooking.

Book-cooking is when costs are hidden, unreported, etc.

Multi-year costing is simply figure out cumulative totals. Very different.

Have a great day. If you eat today, don't forget to thank a farmer! HAHA.


leftdog said...

Mr. Taylor - would your association continue to support the costs of the Afghanistan mission IF (as it has in the United States of America) it resulted in a deficit budget for the government? I really do wonder what value our $4.1 Billion expenditure has got us so far? Afganistan is not much further ahead. The government there will NOT be able to stand on their own feet for years to come. And I am surprised that you believe both Conservatives and Liberals before them should have a 'carte blanche' to spend billions of our money.

Kelly J Gessner said...

Your excuse of multi-year costing is nonsensical. Why would the CTF and the Conservatives cost the program to 2012? Do you have any documentation to back up that assertion? Why not 2025? What you were engaging in was not multi-year costing but pure fabrication, like you are engaging in fabrication when you assert the CTF is against business subsidies.
If I see a farmer today I'll tell him that I don't need what he's growing and he should get his face out of the public trough.

R.S. Porter said...

If I see a farmer today I'll tell him that I don't need what he's growing and he should get his face out of the public trough.

It's one thing to oppose farm subsidies, but what's with the hatred for the agricultural community? The vitriol that comes from you and your ilk is quite confusing. It is, however, helpful to know that you don’t eat.

Kelly J Gessner said...

So, what's eating got to do with anything? If food was free you might have a point. But as it stands now your comment is inane.

David MacLean said...

Guys, kill the agriculture argument. You are arguing in circles.

Kelly J Gessner said...

And by the way Porter, I'm not expressing hatred and vitriol, I'm just stating a fact. I don't need what the majority of farmers produce and getting out of the trough is advice I'd give to any welfare bum.

Kelly J Gessner said...

Right you are David, let's get back to the gun registry. Maybe you can explain how the CTF and the Conservative Party inflated the cost by 100-200%

leftdog said...

And while David is at it, maybe he can explain how $4.1 Billion spent to date on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan is a good investment of my tax dollars?

Calicos said...

And while David is at it, maybe he can explain how $4.1 Billion spent to date on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan is a good investment of my tax dollars?

The CTF has never argued in favor of the mission in Afghanistan. Once again the leftie trolls miss the mark.

leftdog said...

calicos is guilty of typical right wing logic - I never said that they have 'argued' FOR Afghanistan, I asked them why they are not arguing AGAINST the mission seeing that that $4.1 Billion of our tax dollars have already been spent in Afghanistan? I will NEVER understand why right wingers cannot read.

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