Friday, May 05, 2006

Hmmm...perhaps this competition thing isn't all that bad

Air travelers should be pleased to read this .

And the government hasn't bailed any airlines out recently using our tax dollars.

Coincidence? Me thinks not.


Robert McClelland said...

And the government hasn't bailed any airlines out recently using our tax dollars.

When did they? Other than a small bit of assistance after 9/11 our government hasn't bailed out any airlines.

Scott Hennig said...
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Scott Hennig said...

Sorry having trouble posting a link, let's try again:

Here's just a few.

Farmer Joe said...

How quickly they forget.

Take a look at the history of 'Air Canada'.

Scott Hennig said...

Still having trouble...

Scott Hennig said...

Ok, seriously why does it keep cutting off the end of my link...URH!!!

Go to google, and enter "canadian airline bailout, numbers game"

And it's the first link.

Sorry for filling up the comments with my inability to post a simple link.

Anonymous said...


Zeker said...

Interesting, where did the nazi post go david?

Alberta Conservative said...

Here's the link Scott

Scott Hennig said...

AC, how did you do that? I tried entering the HTML tags and it didn't work (hence the deleted comment). I also then tried just posting the entire link, no tags and it got cut off.

AC, if you would, please drop me an e-mail at teaching me your gift.


R.S. Porter said...

All you need to do is properly format the html.

If you haven't received the answer yet, let me know and I’ll email you the answer.

Robert McClelland said...

Nice try, Scott, but your link actually backs me up.

Lets review it shall we.

The $650 million bailout proposal for Air Canada never happened. So how can a bailout that didn't happen be evidence of the government bailing out the airline industry?

The $100 million in the wake of 9/11 I already conceeded. But that was an exceptional circumstance.

$0 for Canada 3000. Another instance that backs me up.

Now lets deal with the only two possible items that back you up.

$45 million to Quebecair. This money was mostly in the form of loan guarantees. It wasn't a handout since loan guarantees aren't a handout. So this too doesn't qualify as a bailout to the airline industry.

$195 million to Air Canada for purchases from the DND. Um hello, how is it a handout when the government buys something from a company. That's called doing business.

This is another example where dishonest hacks like you have simply made something up and distort the evidence to back it up. The fact is that the government has not bailed out the airline industry with our tax dollars.

Alberta Conservative said...

I think the point was that a government bailout package was completely unneccessary since airlines are perfectly capable of raising equity through private investors or through the capital markets. A perfect example was the equity stake taken by the Li family in Air Canada and its subsequent return to profitability. Governments have an extremely poor track record for picking businesses to subside and support.

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