Friday, May 12, 2006

The gun registry is an "effective" tool?

Cat Print in the Mash alerted me to this great post on gun crime by the Blogging Party of Canada.

As Lance points out, gun registry lobbyists are starting to argue that the gun registry actually works.

Wendy Cukier, a Ryerson University academic and president of the Coalition for Gun Control, said cost overruns from years ago are no justification for doing away with the registry at this late date.

"They will try to use the fact that there was mismanagement in the past as an excuse to dismantle a system that's currently working very well and is cost effective," said Cukier.

"It makes no sense, but they've been leading up to it for months."
It's not just that it was horribly mismanaged. It should be sacked because it doesn't work.


R.S. Porter said...

Didn't you hear, all criminals register their guns before they use them in crimes.

Farmer Joe said...

Wow, "cost overruns from years ago..." when does she think this thing started in the 50's.

Robert McClelland said...

At least the Liberals didn't give the billion dollars away to the Americans like Harper did in the lumber deal.

R.S. Porter said...

The Liberals were asking for a half a billion less than the Conservatives got.

John Murney said...

I'm with you, let's dismantle the boondoggle registry ASAP.

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