Monday, May 29, 2006


The unlawful walkout of 800 that ended up inconveniencing 800,000 is over, finally.

An illegal strike without warning that totally ruins people's day is disgusting. Even more so considering all the tax dollars given to the TTC everyyear.

I'd fire them all.


leftdog said...

"I'd fire them all" - ooooh how tough of you - nit - we would still have child labour if the world were run by dinosaurs like you.
You have no problem with oil companies making buzzillions ($$$) in profits but you begrudge a working stiff with a lunch bucket from trying to get more money to buy his kids clothes.
Too bad you never went to Sunday school where you might have learned:
"It would be easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to achieve the Kingdom of Heaven"

R.S. Porter said...

I can assure you that Jesus never said "thru".

David MacLean said...

Those "working stiffs with lunch buckets" are probably making more than you and I combined -- with a defined-benefit pension plan thrown in for good measure.

NeoToronto said...

i remember seeing in cp24 one worker was mentioning that her job security was more important than the disturbance of 700,000 Torontonians. She said that after she was asked to comment on the problems the Torontonians were going through. That's pretty sad!

leftdog said...

r.s.porter, you are correct, I checked the ancient scriptures and yes indeed the correct word said by Jesus was 'through' not thru. I still think that the essential message of the Lord was also given when he said, "what doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?"
In other words, (and you may have a heart attack if you read this), money ISN'T everything!! (a collective gasp was heard from the assembled money grubbing, money gouging, right wing extremists who know the price of ALL things and the VALUE of nothing)!

David MacLean said...

But what if you can have all the money in the world, but KEEP your soul? The world is his!

leftdog said...

Yes that is possible (but NOT if you fired all of the transit workers, many of who have little children, toddlers) - for that you would go to hell (and all your money won't help you much there!!)

Adam Taylor said...

When an illegal strike is allowed to disrupt Canada's largest city, we are to tolerate it in the name of "these guys just want more money to buy their kids clothes???"

By extension, any law-breaking is tolerable and even justified if ones intentions are noble - i.e. helping children, etc.

That is ridiculous logic.

And for the record, leftdog, I did to to Sunday school! Not sure where you received your intel on my church-going.

And.. firing workers who break the law wouldn't automatically render one a 1-way ticket to hell would it? Please explain...

leftdog said...

Individuals who own businesses (even businesses that provide essential services like say..groceries) can close their stores anytime they want (even if the public wants and needs their product). Fine that is freedom. But you deny the same thing to those who have only their 'labour' to sell in the market place. You sound like they are slaves. If they can't get a contract and decide to use a sanction, (inconvienient as it may be) you would FIRE them.. to say nothing of whatever dependents that they may have back at home!! I take exception (and hence my references to sunday school) to your utter contempt for working people and their families! Yes there was inconvienience and yes the transit workers will and SHOULD be docked pay - but you would allow freedom in this country ONLY to entrepreneurs and business types BUT you would deny it to those who have only their labour to trade with in the open market. For this - you should go to the 'other place' we learned about in Sunday school!!!

leftdog said...

Oh and P.S. - what 'law' did they break? They have no contract, it expired so what right wing extremist 'LAW' do you accuse them of breaking???

Adam Taylor said...

Strikes are legal when they are put to a vote.

No vote + strike =illegal strike.

If I own a grocery store and I decide to close up shop an hour early that is WAY different than a public service that is heavily subsidized by three levels of government and whose workers are paid predominantly with tax dollars saying "we ain't showing up today."

The reason I'd fire them all is if they get away with it once - they'll do it again and again. And who will get the short end of the stick? The taxpayers who pay their salaries and the transit users who need to get to work, school, etc.

Your suggestion that I favour "business types" is putting words in my mouth and quite ludicrous. Anyone who goes on strike illegally should not get a blank cheque to do whatever they want.

Perhaps "firing them all" is a little harsh for a one-day strike but I can't agree with the idea that "they have kids so let them do what they want." argument.

Those who "only have their labour" to sell are entitled to strike. But illegal strikes should never be allowed for anyone. If university professors went on an illegal strike the argument would be the same.

This is hardly about discriminating against those who sell their labour.

On a theological note, I didn't know that not supporting the illegal strike of a union was a barrier to eternal life.

I guess there is some variance in the churches on that one!

leftdog said...

"On a theological note, I didn't know that not supporting the illegal strike of a union was a barrier to eternal life."
You are correct, it isn't - but firing an individual working stiff with kids with no regard for their welfare IS worthy of it.
Listen from time to time people withold taxes (I think that happened with Rural Municipalities in Saskatchewan) - that's illegal, but rather than put farmers into jail, we should at least try and understand what has them so riled up they would risk jail - same with these transit guys - what has them so riled up they risk their jobs?

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