Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Flaherty: Promises made while in opposition aren't worth squat

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While the current Prime Minister repeatedly promised to cut gas taxes while in opposition, he's now singing a different tune. According to Finance Minister Flaherty, people should just suck it up.

The reality is we have to get used to paying more for gasoline. All of us in the world have to get used to that," he said.

"There are no plans . . . to have a specific measure to gasoline prices other than the GST reduction."

Flaherty's stand comes after the B.C. wing of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation last week called on Ottawa to reduce the federal taxes on gasoline.

The group noted that, as opposition leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to reduce the "gas tax bite," and that "a promise made in opposition should be a promise kept in government."


But, you remember that little promise made by the Liberals while they were in opposition? You know, the one about scrapping the GST. The conservatives never let them forget about that one.

And then of course there was free trade....


Josef said...

Friendly reminder about Sara MacIntyre:

"Prior to joining to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Sara worked as a policy researcher in the Opposition Leader’s Office in Ottawa. Her files included the $70 billion Human Resources Development Canada and Indian Affairs Canada. More recently, Sara was a member of the Opposition’s lead research team on the Sponsorship Scandal."

I'd strongly recommend to Mr. Flaherty the bourgeois finance minister that he listen to her. Or simply turn in his resignation - there are more able people like Garth Turner, MP; Tasha Kheirddin; and of course Sara MacIntyre up to the job.

David MacLean said...

Geez, Joseph -- What about me? How come I don't make your list?


Josef said...


I don't know enough about ya', but since you help this blog I presume you too.

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