Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fixed election dates



R.S. Porter said...

Finally is right. But I fully expect people to complain because it is "American".

GritPatriot said...

Can you get your pal Ralph Klein to do it in Alberta?

Robert McClelland said...

Big deal. There's no reason to either do this or not do this and the only reason Harper is doing it and Campbell and McGuinty have already done it is to con the rubes into thinking they're accomplishing a much needed change.

David MacLean said...

Ralph Klein has always been resistant to democratic reforms. He refuses to implement citizens initiative legislation, refuses to implement fixed election dates, despite our constant reminders.

Josef said...

Congratulations from the states!

leftdog said...

"Finally" huh? What a bunch of American inspired crap. So - 60 day federal campaigns aren't long enough for you? You want to imitate the Americans where they have 9 months of electioneering before they vote? Sheeesh - have an original idea for once.

David MacLean said...

Extended campaigns are one drawback to fixed election dates, but you are being incredibly naive to thing this isn't already the case. Were you in the country during Paul Martins 2 year campaign? Here in Saskatchewan, did you miss the "our future is wide open" ad campaign?

The status quo means governments can be in pre-election mode without the public even knowing when the next election is. We're seeing this right now in Saskatchewan. When will the next election be? Next spring? Next fall? 2008?

Depends what the focus groups are saying.

Measure that against the merits of fixed election dates. No longer do the politicians get to dicate to the electorate when they are up for renewal. If the government is openly campaigning, the electorate will sense that.

What sense does it make leaving it up to the government to decide when their contract is up?

It's cynical, it's manipulative, and it's a joke.

And "the Americans do it" is not an effective argument. You'll have to try a little harder. And just because it's not "original" doesn't mean it's not a good idea.

We're not alone in supporting fixed election dates. The NDP, Liberals and the Bloc will probably play along.

Scott Hennig said...

BC had a fixed election date last time and it went very well.

I still don't buy that fixed election dates are the sole reason for lengthy campaigns in the US.

Their primaries being held two years in advance have much more to do with the long campaign than the fixed date. Once these guys start campaigning for the primary they simply don't shut down, they just keep campaigning.

But even if you’re convinced that it will lead to longer campaign periods, wouldn’t you take a long campaign over a incumbent-favoured one?

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