Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bridge to nowhere

The Fundy Communities Development Association of Nova Scotia is blasting the Transportation and Public Works Department for spending $22,000 renovating a bridge to nowhere.

Another fine example of your tax money at work.


Robert McClelland said...

How typical. The CTF is busy swatting at a $22k fly while the million dollar Air India Inquiry elephant (that will accomplish nothing for our nation) is crushing their face.

Andy Charles said...

You're assuming an Inquiry will accomplish nothing which is debatable (even Bob Rae thinks it's a good idea).

A bridge to nowhere is a waste of money.

David MacLean said...

These Inquiries are a tough call. They ALWAYS go over budget, they always take too long. But it's tough to put a price tag on the outcome. If it means law enforcement folks who bungled this deal get a public flogging, maybe that's worthwhile. Tough call.

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