Monday, May 15, 2006

Americans debating state monopoly medicine

Great post over at On The Fence Films.

When the average Canadian becomes sick and is put on a long waiting list, they don't have the money to go to the U.S. to buy health care because they've already spent it in the form of high taxes! They don't have private health insurance because it's been outlawed. And - they don't have savings earmarked for health care expenditures since the government has assured them that they are covered.

I especially liked this bit about the myth of 46 million americans being without health coverage.

The socialized health care folks keep repeating the "46 million without health care" mantra in the hope that a lie repeated enough times becomes conventional wisdom. They've been remarkably successful in this regard. However, according to U.S Census Bureau Health Insurance Data, more than one third of all the uninsured are members of households with over $50K in annual income. Indeed, nearly one fifth hail from households pulling down more than $75K a year:


Farmer Joe said...

So a good chunk of the uninsured are actually pretty well off. Ain't that interesting.

R.S. Porter said...

Unfortunately there will come a time when the anti individualist hordes will take over the United States too. Universal healthcare is the single greatest sign of the loss of liberty that people face in this day and age. But the collectivist zealots will soon be upon us soon.

Charles said...

Health care is part of the last quartett of state monopoly, health care, social insurance, education and pensions. These needs are provided on a collective basis in most western countries, and they are all a source of great tension in society. Fact is that people are all different and all want different things for themselves. A government monopoly cannot fulfill all these needs. What really hurts me as well is the animosity that these programs create towards immigrants. I have heard the argument that illegal immigrants should be deported because they might use emergency rooms, time and time again, admittedly on Fox News, but still.

David MacLean said...

I hate that argument too. I also hate when big government advocates justify taxes and restrictions on cigarettes, alcohol or gambling.

The argument goes that those people will use the health care system more than others so they should pay a tax.

You know what? I didn't agree with this health system, I was born into it. If I had my way I'd pay for my own coverage and be done with it. Keep your nose out of my business.

Farmer Joe said...

Amen to that Dave.

When the day comes to sign up for private insurance I want to be first in line.

Heck at this point I'd even be happy if I had to seek care outside of Canada. Just let me buy the insurance already.

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