Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tax fighter

Gerald Tremblay:

Perhaps because he cannot tell a lie, it was best for Tremblay to keep quiet about his plans for the union. He has never declared war on the Blue, hasn't told the public exactly what he intends to do -- and declined to be interviewed by Maclean's on the issue. So, when the first blows landed in late February, it took a while before the Blue realized what hit them. Covert detectives had filmed them at work -- or, rather, not. The news that three work crews took 90 hours to patch up a grand total of nine potholes hit the union in the knees. "Now the public has a culprit to chew on, and it's not he mayor," one city hall insider remarks. The pothole affair was followed by tern warnings in writing that loafers will be suspended, and repeat offenders fired. Then, another sledgehammer fell: more than 500 Blue who walked off the job to stage a protest at City Hall in February will be suspended without pay for one day. And unruly Blue who still threaten foremen will not only be suspended, but will be taken to court.

Regina could use a little Tremblay action.

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Shawn said...

Hard to believe no posts on this item yet.

I wonder if private citizens might be able to do a little work like this and save the administration a little money here in Regina?

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