Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sask: Budget ad campaign

Check out Murray Mandryk's column on the taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign. He says it much better that I can.

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Maryjane said...

But David.... SGI spends more than 500 grand every month subsidizing vehicle insurance for the SUV's, minivans, and extented cab 4x4's farmers drive. Every SGI customer pays more so that farmers can pay less, including such in crisis farmers as Carol Skeleton and Elwin Hermanson. Why no outrage at that kind of pork? I do know that if it were the SGEU who were getting that subsidy, you and small dead Kate and Brad Wall would never shut up about it.

enough said...

1) you have changed the subject;
2) you are lying;
2) your motive is malice.
Maryhane, you and your ilk are disgraceful. I find the hatred that you project against farmers to be every bit as offensive as hatred against any other identifiable group, such as aboriginals. maryjane, shame on you and your NDP propaganda and lies.

Maryjane said...

enough...I will admit to changing the subject, but I think that, when engaging in any discussion with or about the CTF., the selectivity of what they criticise is pertinent to to every topic, as it goes to the very heart of their credibility. In this case I think it is legitimate to criticise the NPD for the $445,000.00 expenditure. It is also legitimate to criticise SGI for subsidizing some customers at the expense of other customers, for no other reason than their status as farmers, even if the farmer is in the top 2% of income earners, as is Ms. Skeleton, and the customer doing the subsidizing is making 10 bucks an hour. For the CTF and David Maclean to focus on the one and totally ignore the other is not legitimate. As I said, it goes to the heart of their credibility. For an organisation with such a high profile, with the media clout they enjoy, trumpeting the high-minded ideals they profess, it is incumbent upon them to come clean about their inconsistency.
I assume you're refering to SGI subsidizing farmers when you accuse me of lying. I don't know where you're from, but I live in rural Sask. and, if anything, my numbers are, dare I say, conservative. A farm plated vehicle gets an on average discount of 10%. I think there is something on the order of 140,000 farm plated vehicles in Sask.
Malice? Guilty as charged. I have malice towards the hypocrisy, the double standard of a group that demands subsidies and socialism for themselves, then turns around and supports the Conservative Party, the Sask. Party and the CTF who preach that all should adopt the hard discipline of the market.

David MacLean said...

SGI subsidizes young, accident prone drivers. I'm not aware of the expenditure that your are talking about. As far as we're concerned, SGI should be fully privatized.

David MacLean said...

By the way, we don't support any political party. We'll support a good idea -- no matter where it comes from.

Anonymous said...

SK also has more fatalities and injuries per capita than other provinces: perhaps related to the subsidization of high risk groups, such as young males.
As for farmers, I agree that there is a lower rate for farm vehicles: but they are supposed to be used for business purposes; the same is true for dealer plates or business tags (D? L? tags, one of those). there are also cva's (government vehicles) and mileage cheques getting issued by the Province: all f that is another debate.
But...How about the government using tax dollers to prop itself up using propaganda? Is that not a serious charge, maryjane? Ought we not to be concerned? Or would you rather jut change the topic? price of tea in China, maybe? Devine?
I for one am more concerned about scarce public resources being abused for partisan purposes.

RTW said...

Governments love to advertise. That is one way to control the press. In Sask the monopoly crowns are one of the biggest spenders on advertising and keep the press pretty quiet with cold hard cash!

Maryjane said...

David, c'mon, you're not aware of the expenditure I'm talking about? Your curiosity has never been aroused by those prominent red F's on the plates attached to those SUV's and minivans in the local shopping mall parking lot? You have the time and resources to find out. Why don't you? Hell, if you were consistent in your big gov't criticisms, I might even support the CTF. We need an organisation the truly looks out for taxpayers.
Given the cost of insurance in the free-market paradise of Alberta, I don't see SGI being privatized any time soon, so let's deal with what we have. Being a young driver does not necessarily mean you are accident prone. I realize that, statistically, youth is a factor but, it is debatable whether one one should be penalized strictly because of their age. I would tend to penalize based on record, regardless of age. But a young driver is not subsidized in the sense that when they register their vehicle, they are given a discount because they are young. But a farmer is given a discount because he is a farmer.
And please, this non-partisan shtick is more than somewhat disingenuous. One has only to follow the merry-go round of individuals going from the CTF to the Reform party to the Fraser Institute to the National Citizens Coalition to the Alliance to the Sask. Party to the Conservative Party etc. You are all peas of a pod.

Maryjane said...

anon..... True, F-plated vehicles are to be used for business purposes and I suppose that was the rationale behind the program in the first place but the fact remains that farmers get a discount at the expense of other SGI customers only because they are farmers, driving the same vehicles down the same highways for the same purposes as every other SGI customer. I only wish that some entity with the profile of the CTF would challenge this egregious abuse.
Agreed, using public funds for partisan propaganda is equally egregious and I am not defending that NDP garbage, Just trying to put it in context.

Anonymous said...

screw you and your "context": you are trying to defend the NDP by using the "everybody does it" defence advanced by way of distortion and lies. maryjane, the problem with malice (and you admit being motiviated by malice) is that it replaces reason with spite and envy, and the truth suffers: we are seeing it from you.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I think that you have touched a nerve: some of this trolling is, I suspect, organized. Propoganda has many forms, in every medium!

Anonymous said...

rtw, I ahve heard tell that if a paper's editorial is too critical of the current NDP regime, government advertising dollars dry up: but i'm not in the business, and ahve not had this confirmed. speaking of the press, I have also noticed NDP-friendly reporters going to work for the gov; these reporters are probably already left-wingers, but still...
off topic, sorry!

Maryjane said...

anonymice.... Not quite 500 grand spent on partisan advertising and all kinds of noise from the CTF. Billions spent on agriculyural subsidies and not a peep from the CTF. That's the context anon. Organized? Not at all, just a tax payin' working stiff tired of the bull from gov't. and special-interest lobby groups who want to steal from my paycheck and then tell me I'm making an investment.

Anonymous said...

maliscious maryjane: what's the alternative? corporate farms? dependance upon foregn farms? collective farms? (bet you would like that!)
The NDP abuse a half mil for propaganda, and you change the subject.
I think that you're nothing but a dipper troll working for the calvertistas.

Brick Wall said...

You must be nothing but neo-con troll and work for Brad "Pinochet" Wall, or is that Mussolini ?
I swear, I saw SP youth wearing brown shirts.

Maryjane said...

anon..."What's the alternative?"
The free market.

rtw said...

Maryjane: farmers in Manitoba get a discount on their plates too. Better get on that, and the next time you drive on a grid road {the best toads we have} remember its paid mostly by farm municipal taxes.
Did I hear you holler when you found out farmers were paying over 30% of the school taxes or the cheap food you get. Farmers also get a cut on fuel taxes but that tractor you see on the field is still paying "road taxes"
You say farmers are the top 2% of income earners like Carol and Elwin. Ask you little red friend nettie if her big income comes from the farm. I have a farm you can rent cheap. If farmers have it so good go out and invest some money and get at it.
You sound like a bitter greedy socialist that is jealous if someone has more than you. I will trade you incomes anyday!
Farmers don't want subsidies that are over 50% swallowed up by accountants and government employees "Dept of farmers affairs", just a fair price.
Canadian farmers can copete on an even playing field.
In Denmark they get $200.00 an acre.

tommy douglas said...

Maryjane, have you ever considered that farm vehicles get into fewer accidents, and therefore their insurance rates are lower?

And, BTW, insurance rates aren't that high in Alberta if you have a clean record.

Not sure where saskies get this idea.

Lemberg said...

I think that all the money should go to farmers. I think we should sell all of the crown corporations and give the money to the farmers. I think that much of the tax money should go from the government to the farmers. The farmers need it. So that is why I will vote for the Saskatchewan Party and for Brad Wall is to give much much more of the budghet to the farmers especially. And since there is no Grip now, the farmers can use the money they can get from the government.

Anonymous said...

You bitter dippers are all about driving wedges between "the classes", between urban and rural, all about mean-spirited excuses and scapegoats.
We need a free-enterprise party to get this province's economy growing so that we can pay for the social programs that pay for the old-timers like lemberg!
ps: it's L'viv now, not Lemberg!

lemberg said...

I am not too much an oldtimer just about 45 but I agree with you that we need a party that will give the money to the farmers. Since farmers built the province we do need the money from government so why don't they sell some of the assets and give it to farmers. That is what the Saskatchewan party has said that the Grip can come back and farmers can do better with money from the treasury. I am glad you agree with it.

Anonymous said...

lemberg, you deliberately distort and misrepresent: do you know what that makes you?

Anonymous said...

anonymous said: " lemberg, you deliberately distort and misrepresent: do you know what that makes you?"

Hmmm... distort....misrepresent...hmm let me think, deliberate distortion and misrepresentation: Am I:
-Stephen Harper?
-Brad Wall?
-A well know staffer of a morally bankrupt advocacy group who wants to ensure that only citizens pay taxes?

Your choice!

Anonymous said...

I know what lemberg is distorting and misrepresenting (everything: he's not a farmer, not from lemberg etc...) Cite one thing from the others you have named: otherwise, it is just more mean-spirited, spiteful slander against good people that work hard trying to improve this country.

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

Put an "excess tax" on SUV's and 4x4's. They use too much fuel. Put a road tax on Semi trucks. They are ruining the roads.

Anonymous said...

stf, you have lost it! what the hell has that to do with the topic?
p.s.: semis do not ruin highways, depending on wight, and time of year, they can damage secondary roads... you want to see lots of semis and good roads, visit Alberta!

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