Monday, April 10, 2006

Quick thought: Throne speech amended

Today Parliament passed amendments to the throne speech calling for the conservatives not to raise personal income tax rates as they planned. Ralph Goodale is saying this is a good thing, as the finances of the country are in such good shape.

My how things change. This is the same Ralph Goodale who said during the campaign that the conservative tax changes would lead to a deficit. He knew, after all, because he had "seen the books" and "built a budget."

Here's an excerpt from the Liberal news release:

'and, while this House acknowledges the broader agenda mentioned en passant in the Speech, it particularly looks forward to early and meaningful action on such promises as those respecting Aboriginal Canadians, new immigrants, greater security for seniors, improvements in the environment, and increased supports for farm families; and, given the strong economic and fiscal situation which the Government inherited, this House sees no reason for tax increases or a decrease in anticipated early learning and child care spaces in Canada.’

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