Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A public service

MacLean's has an outstanding piece on private health services in Canada. For those who want to hold their fate in their own hands.

Especially like this bit:

PUBLIC WAIT: The national median wait from GP to surgery for joint replacement surgery (hips, knees, ankles and shoulders) is 49.7 weeks. In some provinces, two-year waits are not unheard of. For cataract surgery, the median wait is 28.8 weeks.

PRIVATE WAIT: All surgeries can be performed within two weeks.


Robert McClelland said...

For those who want to hold their fate in their own hands.

What a joke. You mean for those who want to put their fate in the hands of the same people who gouge an rip us off on our car insurance.

Shawn said...

gouge, rip off? Shop around a bit. Are you unable to compare rates and coverage and find the best deal for yourself?

If you really want to get shafted, get a monopoly gov't insurer. At least you can change companies if you get the shaft. Kind of hard to do when Big Brother runs the game and requires you to play by law.

Anonymous said...

Does Robert distrust doctors?

Why can't we trust doctors to regulate their own profession and business?

Last I checked, most doctors and nurses and janitors and bottle washers etc... in teh health care system are involved "for profit".

Especially the union bosses!

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

The Canadian Medical Association is a powerful "union" organization.
Medical dr's have more freedom to criticize their bosses than you and I do. The pay rates under Medicare are worked out between CMA and the government. There are a lot of very rich Dr's due to medicare. Don't kid yourself. Dr's have a monopoly under private or public healthcare.

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