Monday, April 10, 2006

The pirates of the marine atlantic

Ferry honchos living it up on taxpayer dime:

In recent years, executives from the Crown corporation that runs the ferries between Newfoundland and the mainland have gone to conferences in Athens and the Bahamas, for instance, with taxpayers footing the bill.

The executives golfed at the best courses in Atlantic Canada, dropped big money for meals at the best restaurants in the region, knocked back a lot of pricey booze and even submitted claims for a newspaper, coffee or crossword puzzle book picked up at the airport.

In a few cases, the executives brought their wives along on trips. The Crown corporation — and, ultimately, the taxpayers — picked up the tabs.

It seems like too much spending, says John Williamson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

"It sounds like Pirates of Marine Atlantic," he said. "In the good old days, this kind of behaviour aboard a ship would have resulted in the pirates all being hung up."


Eagleman said...

Canadians from coast to coast are being taken to the cleaners, as we have discouvered here in Nova Scotia.

My question is why
does "governments" have so many tax funded lending agencies set up and all are doing the same thing, giving away "YOUR" taxes to their political friends.

Bureaucrats and politicans are abusing the taxation system and Revenue Canada is supporting the abuse.

Please visit my blog site and follow along

Anonymous said...

It is unbeleivable as to the depth of abuse that really happens here as I know as an employee. As for Nova Scotians, they are milking this cow for everything its worth,with the taxpayers and the residents of Newfoundland ultimately paying the price.

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