Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Photo radar rip-off

In 2001 when photo radar first popped up on the scene in Manitoba, the CTF cautioned it would turn into a cash-cow, our concerns have now rung true.

From today's Winnipeg Sun:

"Photo radar is now officially a cash grab.

I know some people have viewed it as such from the very beginning, including the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation, which said five years ago that no good could come of photo radar.

They argued politicians couldn't be trusted with this kind of potential money maker. And as sure as the day is long, they would abuse it, the CTF argued.

They were right. And I -- a longtime supporter of photo enforcement -- was wrong."
-Tom Brodbeck, City Columnist


Anonymous said...

Even a blind squirrel gets a few acorns.

Robert McClelland said...

Is speeding a crime? Yes. So why are you against enforcing the law? Pfft! And conservatives try to tell us they're tough on crime. Hah.

R.S. Porter said...

Leave it up to the NDP to knock it down to the Conservatives vs. everybody else. You've certainly got a one track mind.

Tanis Fiss said...

Robert; one of the many flaws of photo radar is the speeding ticket is issued to the owner of the vehicle, not necessarily the driver of said vehicle.

Robert McClelland said...

one of the many flaws of photo radar is the speeding ticket is issued to the owner of the vehicle

Then I guess the owner of the vehicle should make sure it's not driven by someone who will break the law.

It's simple. Either you're for enforcing the law or you're against it.

Robert McClelland said...

You've certainly got a one track mind.

And what about the CTF. They're so obsessed with starving government of funding that they think breaking the law is acceptable as long as it does just that.

Frankly I think we should have more programs like photo radar. That way the scofflaws can fund government so the honest, hardworking Canadians can pay less.

R.S. Porter said...

McClelland, you'd be interesting if you weren't so disingenuous.

But let’s be clear on your agenda. You only want the rich and businesses to be taxed. You’re only interested in Marxist class struggles, nothing more. Your goal in life is to see, not that every person is equal under the law, but that each person is economically and materially equal—and you don’t care how you obtain it. For this reason you spend your time attacking the supposedly “conservative” CTF for being allied with individuals—people and business—in an attempt to further your collectivist ideals.

The government is by no means being starved of funding. Yet, you will not stop until your goal of redistribution of wealth is complete. Someday you’ll understand the common man does not want his money taken and frivolously distributed upon the multitude of social and economic projects you propose.

Robert McClelland said...

Typical right whinger. When they can't defeat their real opponent, they invent a fictional one.

R.S. Porter said...

Ok then.

steve a said...

Robert -

Did you even bother to read the article? Brodbeck stated that if law enforcement was truly the priority, they would have installed the red light cameras instead of getting more mobile photo radar units. We must not confuse law enforcement with revenue generation.

Some soccer mom going 12-15 km's over the speed limit on a street that is 50 when it should be at least 60 (we don't have 400 level highways in Winnipeg - some of our political visionaries have blessed us with the 50 km/hr North-South "artery" Kenaston Blvd.) is nowhere near the menace that a red light jumper is.

No one is advocating being soft on crime - it's about being tough on the crime that has most negative societal impacts.

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