Monday, April 24, 2006

Passport VS. ID Cards

Joan Tintor has a great rant about McGuinty's push for a national ID card, and I think she is probably right.

Creating an ID card with biometric features would require new legislation, new bureaucracy, new civil servants, new software, etc. And there’s no guarantee the cost per card would be less than a passport. They might end up costing more.

McGuinty’s thinking is the kind of Liberal brainstorm that created the $2-billion gun registry, when everyone who owned a long gun was already required to have a Firearms Acquisition Certificate, and handguns and automatic weapons were already individually registered (except the ones owned by criminals, of course).

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Anonymous said...

As I listened to the news about this today I came up wit the following.

First of all this passport thing will affect Canadian tourism way more than in the US. And the feeling is that some of the US border states will be lobbying to change the requirement as it will GREATLY affect them. If Canada comes up with a steamlined system for Canadians this will put less prtessure on the Amercians to do anything. THEREFORE it would be beneficial for Canada to do nothing-just leave it like it is. Canadians who want to go to the US(or abroad for that matter) will get passports. And for those who don't want passports it will encourage travel in our own country.

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