Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pain at the pumps continues

With gas prices soaring above $1 per litre, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is continuing its call for the federal government to reduce gas taxes.

As a deficit reduction measure in 1995, Ottawa increased the federal gasoline tax from 8.5 to 10 cents per litre. The deficit was vanquished eight years ago, but the tax remains, therefore the CTF is asking Ottawa to eliminate the 1.5 cent deficit reduction tax. In addition, the CTF is asking the federal government to stop the tax paid on other taxes, as GST is charged on the full pump price, gasoline taxes included.

If Ottawa implements the CTF's recommendations, approximately $800-million would be left in taxpayers pockets.


Anonymous said...

Okay class, let's do a quick review of WHY oil / gas prices are going WAY up!!!
1)George W. Bush is an 'oilman' by profession.
2)Oilmen like it when the price of oil goes up because they can maximize profit.
3)Anything that destabalizes the oil producing nations causes the price of oil to go up.
4)George W. Bush (an oilman) got himself elected President of the United States of America and immediately engaged in military destabalization of the middle east nations that produce oil.
5)The price of oil went WAY up!
6)All of the oilmen are now raking in buzzillions in profits thanks to George W. Bush's foresight as an 'oilman'.

Adam Taylor said...

Where does supply and demand rank?

Anonymous said...

supply and demand! supply and demand - what a bunch of crap - yes there is demand, BIG demand - but why does that mean that the oil companies can make HUGE HUGE HUGE profits gouging the rest of us because of it? Shake your 'out to lunch' 'free market' head and come to your senses!! Think of the average person for once in your miserable little money grubbing free enterprise life!!!!! 'supply and demand' - Guys like you are @#$%^&* insane!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This website is dedicated to the animal concept of 'survial of the fittest' - the ideology touted here is based on making sure that you screw the next guy financially for your own personal and individual gain. There is NO concept here of 'community'. There is NO concept here of 'loyalty' to anything and anyone but your own self interest, gain and greed. There only concept touted here is that each of us (as an individual) is on his or her own, and to heck with everyone else. That is what you advocate here on this thinnly disguised piece of self promotion day after day after day. 'Supply and demand'. Pathetic!

Alberta Oilman said...

Buy a bike, ride a bus or drive a small car if you don't like high gasoline prices. As for the taxes on gas I'm not entirely opposed to them since they will encourage people to use energy more wisely. I do object to the idea of a tax on a tax though.

Anonymous said...

no only :"survival of the fittest" but also: 1)watch government, because they waste publ;ic resources 2) watch people that want to confiscate from others so that they can "do good things" because such people may be doing more harm than good; 2) make sure that polciticians, obsessed with only the next election cycle, are doing what;s best long-term.
Things are more complicated, and we are every bit as concerned about others.
Please note that we are debating ideas, not villifying, maybe you shoud tryto do the same? think! read! keep an open mind, but don;t fill it with garbage! remember that teh most righteous is not always doing what's right!

Sask.Taxpayers Federation said...

Put a tax on SUV's and 4x4's. They are gas pigs. Most are driven by good ole boys who aren't farmers. Slow semi's on the highways down to 100 kmh on divided hwy's and 90 kmh on single lane hwy's.

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